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Saturday, October 23, 2010


My poor Chancey is still sick!  I took him to the doctor yesterday after taking Mack for his physical.  Chancey has the croup.  I knew that the croup was usually caused by the parainfluenza virus but I didn't know that it can be caused by the respiratory syncytial virus (RSV).  I'm praying that Chancey's wasn't caused from RSV!  Troy has had his first Synagis shot this season, but I have heard of cases where kids were vaccinated for RSV & STILL got it!  I just have to pray that he doesn't get it.  But, what makes me even more nervous is that he slept from 5:30 pm yesterday until 7:00 am today!  He NEVER sleeps that long unless he's sick or getting sick.  I know that I have felt like I'm coming down with something since mid afternoon yesterday.  I just hope that Troy or Mack either one end up with this mess.
Mack came home from work this morning & said that our neighbor's horses were out of their pasture & in their driveway.  They have several pastures with fences so Mack put them in the pasture nearest our house.  I took Troy outside to see them.  It was so adorable!  I'd say, "Look, Troy, horse.  The horse says BBBBBBUUU."  He'd look at them and go, "BBBBBUU!"  Mack brought me a bouquet of BEAUTIFUL daisies...they're my favorite!  He's such a doll!  :)  Then since he got in the bed late yesterday & slept until 9 pm, he didn't want to go to bed as soon as he got home.  So I got dressed & we all went to breakfast.  We stopped at Burger King to get Troy some chicken nuggets.  I told Mack just to get him a kid's meal so he could have the toy & sometimes he likes fries...I don't give them to him often.  Then when we got up to the window to pay the lady says, "$3.75."  I said to Mack, "Are you kidding me?    $3.75 for a kid's meal?"  He said, "Yeah."  See, he always orders & pays while I watch Troy & it has been quite a while since Chancey ate a kid's meal.  I said, "What happened to $1.99 for a kid's meal?"  Chancey says, "Mama, that was forever ago.  Kinda like exit 6 became exit 22 before I was even born!"  He also teases me because today our bank, Wachovia, officially became Wells Fargo.  He says, "Mama, how long is Wells Fargo going to be Wachovia to you?  Forever, like exit 6?"  (LOL)  Anyways, we went to Waffle House (or as I call it, the AWFUL WAFFLE) to eat breakfast then we went to Goldbrook's Pumpkin Farm.  I already had one pumpkin, but I needed one more for Chancey & I wanted to take some pictures & ride the hayride.  As we pulled in, we realized that we didn't go by the ATM to get some cash.  Mack says, "I meant to go by the bank."  I said, "Yeah, we passed a Wachovia & I completely forgot, too."  Chancey said, "Uh huh, there you go with the Wachovia already." :)  Thank goodness they accepted checks.  We had a nice time!  On our way home, we stopped to pick up Chancey's friend, Pierce.  My mother in law came & took them to the community center to play some basketball.  They weren't gone very long because Chancey can't breathe really well & running makes it worse.  Now I am just going to watch my LSU get stomped by Auburn & flip between that game & the Clemson/Georgia Tech game....go TIGERS!  I have to go grocery shopping before the Bama game.  So I won't be really lonely while Mack is sleeping this evening....atleast I hope.  I'm not liking this sleeping shift that Mack has had the past 2 days.  I had rather him go to bed as soon as he gets home & wake up around 3, instead of going to bed around 2 & waking up in time to go to work!
Lord, help me!  I may lock my dog outside before this evening is over!  She knows those horses are near our house & she is constantly whining & pacing the floor.  The first time she steps on Troy, I am going to lock her out.

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