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"As a mother, my job is to take care of what is possible & trust God with the impossible." ~Ruth Bell Graham

"Never look down on someone, unless you're helping them up!"

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


My kids are God's gift to me & my husband.  We know that God made them just for us & we love them unconditionally, we ALWAYS will.  There is NOTHING that either one of my boys could do that would make me stop loving them or embarrass me!  My job as a mother is to teach them, love & support them, provide for them, be an example for them, & help them in anyway possible not just now, but forever.  I will always be their mother, even when they are married & have families of their own.  I will always be there for them & for their kids.  I know that there will be times of triumph & times of disappointment, but I will always show them love & understanding.  No matter the situation, we will always have that inseparable bond.   I want them to know that they can always come to me for anything.  BUT, when you hurt my kids you are tearing my heart from my chest & stomping on it.  Troy is too little right now to know some things, but Chancey isn't.  He sees & hears EVERYTHING & he also knows when someone truly loves him & his brother.  If my kids aren't good enough, then you aren't good enough to be graced by their presence.  Chancey has been hurt a lot lately & I am a HUGE believer in karma.  I am not perfect, don't claim to be.  But if someone has a problem with me, then it's with me, not with my kids.  Don't drag them into a selfish squabble.  Think of someone other than yourself for a change.  I have swallowed my pride too many times to please others & it's high time that I stopped doing that!  I am sick & tired of being the better person here.  My kids are my #1 priority here on Earth & I have to be their advocate.  I have to protect them, shield them the best way I can.  Chancey is old enough to see when petty issues are affecting him & he's old enough to make some decisions on his own.  He has a bruised heart & my job is to mend it, because that's what a real mother does.  She nurtures her kids, ALWAYS, regardless!
I know that I should forgive & forget.  I also know that is what God wants me to do.  To err is human, I know that.  I realize that God doesn't want me hold a grudge.  If God can forgive, then I should forgive.  But that's the thing.   I CAN forgive.  I can forgive those that have wronged me.  But just because I forgive someone doesn't mean that I have to be around them.  My kids deserve to be around people that are positive examples.  I have to rid my garden of the weeds, so to speak.  Life is too short to surround yourself by people who are allowing you to be an option in their life instead of a priority!  Keep in mind that your actions express your priorities!

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