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Tuesday, October 19, 2010


This morning I asked Chancey if he had heard anything about getting his school pictures back.  He said, "Oh yeah, they're in my binder.  But I want retakes."  I asked him why he wanted retakes.  He said, "Because I look fat & everyone in first period was making fun of them."  I looked at them & I totally disagreed.  He looks handsome!  I said, "Son, you have my round face...you aren't fat.  I like the pictures, you look handsome."  I asked Mack what he thought & he agreed with me.  But Chancey is dead set on retakes.   I asked him who was calling him fat.  He said, "Everyone.  Everyone calls me fat.  And that FAT picture will be on my high school ID badge."  I was so heartbroken for him & yet so angry at those kids for doing that to him.  He wanted to go back to school this year after I home schooled him last year due to all of the illnesses going around (couldn't have either one of my kids sick, but Troy's heart was so fragile).  But we moved to another district in February so he was happy to make new friends at this school.  He has made some friends, but he doesn't like this school at all.  He told me a few weeks ago that he wanted to go back to his old school.  :(  He misses his friends at that school.  But his old school COVERS them in homework & his grades weren't as good there.  Then again, he's miserable at this school.  These kids have his self esteem so low & he's never been like this.  Maybe it's because he is getting older & more conscious about his appearance.  But he goes all day without eating lunch & barely eats supper.  Mack & I had to get on to him for not eating several times, but I can't be at school to force him to eat there.  He has lost probably 20 lbs since school started 2 months ago.  I noticed it at the Buddy Walk when he was carrying Troy's sign in one hand & holding his pants us with the other hand.  He's not overweight by any means (5'6" & maybe 150 lbs).  We've told him that & so has his grandparents.  His Grandpa tells him every time he sees Chancey that he's lost weight & is looking "fit & trim."  I never thought that boys teased other boys about being fat or that girls would tease boys about it either.  But when I asked him who was calling him fat, there were girl names in the long list.  Now I really hope that he makes the basketball team just so maybe his self esteem will go back up!  I just don't know why these kids are being so cruel.  It baffles me that someone would just come out & say "you look fat" to someone else.  It would be different if he took the picture around to everyone & asked their opinion.  They just took it upon themselves to laugh at him & call him fat when he was viewing the pictures himself!  What happened to 'if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all?'  My son was raised with that philosophy.  I taught him manners & respect.  He has watched his Daddy open my car door & any door for me since he was born.  We have taught him to do the same thing.  When we go out, Chancey will open the door for anyone & he will stand & hold the door for others that are coming.  You don't even have to ask.  He has always been well behaved & we always receive compliments that.  So I just can't see any parent not instilling these same values in their children!  If they're raised right, 9 times out of 10 they will remember those values throughout life.  Okay, I'm getting off of my soap box now.

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