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Monday, October 18, 2010


Today was the annual Buddy Walk of Atlanta.  We met the rest of our team at the Park & Ride in Oakwood at 10 a.m. so they could follow us.  We knew that we had quite a ride ahead of us & anticipated a lot of traffic with the air show at Dobbins ARB.  But we had a smooth ride, no traffic at all, & we found it without having to turn around once! :)  We got there around 11:45, so we were early.  But I'd rather be early than late any day!  We ended up having a blast!  The weather was just perfect.  Being in the presence of these beautiful children & their loving families just makes life even more wonderful.  I have left both years feeling more & more blessed!  My Troy fell asleep around 3:00 & the walk began at 3:30.  So we just put the blanket in his wagon & let him snooze.  He slept the entire walk, but he received his medal at the finish line & I took TONS of pictures for him.  We were missing some of our team, but it was still fabulous.  We have almost met our fundraising goal as well.  Once our pastor's donation is received at the DSAA, we will have exceeded our goal!  YAY!  I already find myself excited for next year.  I wish we had some type of event for the World Down Syndrome Day!

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