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"As a mother, my job is to take care of what is possible & trust God with the impossible." ~Ruth Bell Graham

"Never look down on someone, unless you're helping them up!"

Friday, October 15, 2010


As we prepare for the annual Buddy Walk of Atlanta on Sunday, I feel so blessed.  I think back on our journey up until this very day & I realize that God does have a plan for us.  We have had a LOT of hardships, sorrows, & rough times.  But we have also experienced more love, joy, & happiness than bad.  Everything that I have went through in my short 34 years ( & let me tell you that's A LOT) was well worth it to be where I am today.  I have the absolute best husband in the world.  I couldn't have hand made a better man & we're more in love today than we were the day we married.  We have 2 of the most awesome sons.  They were both sent to us from heaven above.  Chancey is so intelligent, kind hearted, handsome, loving...I could go on & on.  I couldn't imagine life without Troy's extra chromosome.  He is so adorable, determined, precious, & he's such a joy to be around.  My kids have made me more patient, understanding, kind, & gentle.  You really don't know real love until you find the love of your life, your soulmate, & you have children with them.  I can see myself & Mack in both of our boys.  If my kids grow up to be like their daddy, they will make awesome husbands & daddies one day.  Tomorrow I will celebrate my 11th wedding anniversary with Mack.  He has stood by my side through 5 miscarriages, atleast 7 surgeries, & chronic pancreatitis.  He has a wife that is legally disabled & will suffer with a chronic illness until the day one of us dies, but he loves me & has stood by my side.  When I was hospitalized for nearly a year in another county, he came to see me everyday (except the one time he had strep throat).  He works hard to provide for our family & he treats me like a queen.  I just couldn't imagine life without these 3 guys in my life.  They are the only ones on earth who will love me no matter what!   I am thankful for them & thank God for them everyday of my life!

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