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Thursday, October 14, 2010


I will be starting a support group for parents with children living with Down syndrome in my area.  I am so excited!  Yesterday I received the contact info for the parents & immediately sent out emails telling them about myself & inviting them to join.  I think it would be great to be able to socialize with other parents & for Troy to finally meet some of his peers.  It would be awesome if some of the families also have kids without DS so Chancey can mentor them or even receive support from them.  I can imagine how hard it is to have a sibling with special needs.  I know that Chancey understands, but he was the only child for nearly 12 years & having a new brother was a huge adjustment, but you add the special needs part & it's even harder.  We try to spend as much time with Chancey as we do with Troy, but right now it's hard with him playing football & not getting home until 7:30 pm on most days.  But, HALLELUJAH, today is his last football game!  We will finally get on a more suitable routine again!  We do go to every football game to support Chancey & we still do the things he loves doing with him like before.  We aren't able to go to the movies any more, but we didn't really go to the theatre to watch movies before.  He is very supportive of Troy & he is a great advocate for DS.  He gets VERY angry when people use the "r" word & he will call people out when they do so.  He is very excited to go to the Buddy Walk this year & he wears last year's Buddy Walk t-shirt A LOT.  He has always had a kind, tender heart.  His cousin has Autism & we explained to him at an early age that people with special needs, are just that, people with special needs.  They can do the same things we all do, just maybe they do some things in a different way.  That special needs doesn't mean 'the r word' or handicapped.  They aren't disabled, just differently-abled.  Since we did instill that in him at a young age, he has always treated everyone equally.  He NEVER makes fun of anyone, instead he helps everyone.  I am just so proud of the young man that Chancey has become! 
I think that the frenum under Troy's tongue is limiting his speech.  He can't say certain sounds & I'm wondering if that's why.  We won't see his pediatrician again until he's 2, which is in January, but I will definitely ask him his thoughts on it.  We have worked on saying 'Elmo' for months now.  He says something, but it's not 'Elmo'.  I do know what he's saying when he says it, but others don't.  But that's okay for now.  He does make the 's' sound, so I'll just keep working with him & we'll see.

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