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Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Troy turns 21 months old today!
I'm so happy that everything turned out fine with Troy's heart. He has an infection & will be on oral antibiotics for 3 more days, but he should be good to go this weekend! He slept 10 &1/2 hours last night without waking up once. His fever is now low grade & he's eating & playing normally. He's still a bit fussy & wants to be loved on A LOT, but that's okay with me! I love cuddling with my buddy.
Chancey went back to school today after having 5 days off. He has his VERY last football practice today & his VERY last game tomorrow. At his last practice he got hurt! He came home with a busted nose, a huge cut on his neck, & cuts & bruises on his face & arms because his helmet came off when he tackled someone. It scares me because it is a full contact sport, but this will be his first & last season. He says that he doesn't want to play again. I am glad too...he has broken 2 fingers & has been cut, scraped, bruised, & battered. I know, it's part of the game, but it's hard watching your baby get hurt. He doesn't complain though, he toughs it out & goes on. I am so proud of him! He started a new school, joined the football team, & has tried very hard.
Since all is well with Troy, we are allowing Chancey's friend to stay with us tonight & tomorrow night. Mack talked to the boy's father & we agreed that he could stay. I still don't understand why they couldn't go out of town when their kids were out of school for fall break, but I suppose the timing wasn't right. They don't have anyone & their son feels comfortable at our house so I am honored that he chose us. I know how it is to need help & no one is there to give you that help.
Mack went into work last night & asked the supervisor if he knew if they had to work this weekend. His supervisor said he didn't know yet. Mack said, "Oh, it's my anniversary Saturday & I hope we're off at least Saturday night (which would be his Sunday). So when his supervisor talked to the supervisor over the plant, he told him that he'd be coming in on Saturday instead of Mack. That was SUPER nice of him! See, the supervisors are paid salary & when the lines work on weekends, they don't have to. So on the weekends Mack is the supervisor & the line leader. I just think that was very kind of him to do for us...Mack didn't even ask off & his supervisor took it upon himself to give him the time off. There are good people left in this world! So this means that Mack will be off on Saturday night & Sunday night (because of the Buddy Walk). That's the best present in the universe!

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