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Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Well, we've had a ROUGH past few days. Troy spiked a fever early yesterday afternoon & it hasn't broke yet. We have slept a grand total of 3 hours! We should know more of what's going on this afternoon.
Troy was supposed to have PT this afternoon, but we had to cancel that appointment. :( I was so excited to show Linda Troy's progress. There's always next time.
I feel awful as well, which makes us encouraged that it's not his heart. Since we both have compromised immune systems, we tend to pick up every little virus, cold, etc. But I know what hurts & I can take something for my symptoms. He can't tell me what's going on...whether he's hot or cold, if his head hurts, if his throat is sore, etc. All of this just in time for my anniversary (again this year) & the Buddy Walk. But it's still early in the week so maybe we can nip this in the bud before Saturday.
Chancey is at his best friend's house & I sure am glad! He doesn't need to be around all of this mess. Plus seeing his brother & mama suffering upsets him so bad.
Chancey has a new friend that he met at school this year.  He has spent the night with Chancey twice so far & we barely know him or his family.  Then out of the blue yesterday the little boy calls & asks to stay with us on Wednesday & Thursday because his parents are going out of town.  Uh, WHAT?  Out of town during a school week?  They have been out of school on fall break since last Friday & they go back tomorrow.  Why didn't they all go out of town then?  I just don't think that I could trust strangers with my kids while I go on vacation...maybe I am just overprotective.  But then again his parents haven't called me to officially ask me if he could stay, which is totally out of the question now that my Troy is so sick.

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