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"As a mother, my job is to take care of what is possible & trust God with the impossible." ~Ruth Bell Graham

"Never look down on someone, unless you're helping them up!"

Sunday, October 10, 2010


We had a blast yesterday at the Mule Camp festival & at the Cumming Country Fair!  I just wish we could've stayed longer at the fair...we had to leave so Mack could get ready for work.  Next year we will have to dedicate a day just for the fair! 
We got up this morning & went to the early worship service so Mack could come home & go to bed.  Our pastor told us after the service that he wants to donate $100 to Troy's Trekkers!  I really wasn't surprised because he, his family & our associate pastor & his family are just wonderful people.  You couldn't ask for better.  I know that they'd walk in the Buddy Walk if it wasn't on Sunday.  Anyway, got little side tracked there, we had a great service.  Then we came home, Mack went to bed, & I fed Troy.  Then Chancey, Troy, & I went to lunch...well breakfast at Waffle House.  As we were pulling in to the restaraunt, I noticed a little boy & his family getting into their van.  I said to Chancey, "Awe, look, he has Down syndrome."  We LOVE seeing other kids with DS or any special needs...it just warms my heart.  I parked & began to get Troy out of his car seat.  We started to walk to the door & the van passed by us...the entire family waved at us.  Chancey said, "Mama, they knew (meaning that Troy has DS)."  We don't care that anyone knows he has DS, we LOVE sharing our story, just no one ever mention it or asks.  We had a nice breakfast, other than the obnoxious kids behind us cussing every other breath.  I had to go to get a poster board & some more supplies to make Troy's poster for the Buddy Walk, so we went to Dollar General.  As we were checking out, the manager was talking to Troy.  Usually people do not say anything to me about Troy having DS.  I don't know if people just don't want to say something to upset me or if they just don't notice.  But she took time to take the paper off of the football I bought for him & she personally handed it to him.  She doted on how cute he was & waved at him & talked to him the entire time.  Then as we were leaving, she said to me "Ma'am, you are one lucky woman & you have one special little boy.  You are very special."  I replied, "I know, thank you.  But both of my boys are special to me."  As we walked to the car, I said "I guess she noticed that he has Down syndrome."  Chancey said, "Yeah, but she told us something that we knew already."  I thought he was talking about the fact that Troy has DS.  Then he said, "Because we already know that you are special!"  I had to fight back the tears so I took a little longer to buckle Troy in his car seat.  It's times like that when I do feel special!  Not because someone that doesn't even know my story calls me special, but because to my son I AM special.   

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